Our Work - Sopp and Sopp

Sopp and Sopp

Sopp and Sopp are an extremely well regarded business within their industry of Fleet Accident Management.

Sopp and Sopp have actually been a client with Hostpipe for some time, and recently they felt that our original offering was starting to look a little outdated and tired...sorry, it happens from time to time!

Having gone through a re-branding exercise we then gave the website a complete makeover and installed our Content Management System so that they could start to manage the content themselves.

We also overhauled their Web Based Customer Management Application as well. This online application allowed customers to log in and see the status of their vehicles so after re-structuring the database architecture we were able to create a modern and responsive system which they can offer to their customers as a value-added service on the business.


Type Website
Bespoke Web Application
Content Management System
Database Driven Customer Management