How We Work

We do everything with our customers via 1-to-1 workshops so that our customers:

  1. are included in the creative process
  2. can take ownership of their branding back
  3. save huge amounts of time
  4. avoid the usual frustration with graphic design "ping-pong"

All of Coconut's workshops follow a Step-By-Step Process with very clearly defined outcomes. They are delivered at a fixed price and are typically all 1 day (9.30am - 4pm ish). Our workshops are fun, engaging and also include some business strategy from bestselling author, Robin Waite. They all have a 100% money back guarantee.

We are not graphic designers, we are masters at transforming businesses!

The 1-Day Branding Workshop Process

Our Tried and Tested Formula

We have developed a tried and tested 7-Step Branding Process to help you create the perfect new identity for business:

1. Core Values

Discuss the core values for each of the main stakeholders within your organisation. Stakeholders include: business owners, customers, products/services and the business as a whole.

2. Mind mapping

Choose your most important core value and mind map any and all key words around it.

3. Legal Searches

We carry out a number of checks to ensure your new brand Intellectual Property (IP) can be protected.

4. Concepts

We use this time to sketch out ideas for your new logo.

5. Colour & Typography

We gather ideas on colour and typography.

6. The Bigger Picture

Let’s put your customers into the bigger picture.

7. Brand Guidelines:

After completing the previous 6 steps we start to create your brand guideline