About the Coconut Group

We are a digital agency specialising in Brand Identity Creation

We immerse our client in a creative process which is full of energy, exciting and fresh. Our goal is to help our client’s business achieve growth and scalability. We typically work with Established SMEs with a turnover of £500k+, we also work with funded Business Startups who require mentoring with their Business and Online Strategy.

Meet the Founder

Robin Waite
Robin Waite / Director

Robin Waite is Business Strategy Expert and co-founder of a successful Online Strategy Agency in the UK. He has helped over 200 businesses create change and growth within their organisation since 2004.

Robin has personally delivered discovery sessions in Business, Online and Social Media Strategy to over 1,000 business owners during that time.

Robin gained a degree in Business Management whilst working as a Systems Analyst; this has provided him with a unique way of seeing businesses from outside-of-the-box. More recently Robin won a CPD Award from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

Robin now specialises in creating growth and scalability within established SMEs turning over £500k+ through a tailored programme of coaching, workshops and practical implementation. For more information please see: http://about.me/robin.waite